Walking naturally


New Trend:

Barefoot Shoe
Self adhesive technic

The self adhesive FIRSTIES Free Shoes - enables a naturally barefoot feeling through one-of-a-kind protection of feet sole. The form of Firsties free Shoesgets gradually the form of feet and makes an individual footbed.

Hints of wearing:
The Firsties last up to 72 hours and should be replaced every two to three months.

A fly in the ointment:
It could make sometimes a little bit pain during detaching the adhesive shoe, giving the feeling, if detaching a plaster

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Where can I get Firsties:
All over Europe, in Austria for example in all Pagro-Shops or Salon HauptSache in Neubaugasse 9, 1070 Wien.
Infos: www.firsties.at


Firsties GmbH

Firsties GmbH, 1 Richtergasse, Wien, 1070